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Aer Lingus Delayed / Cancelled Flights Compensation

If you are an air passenger travelled with Aer Lingus Airline and your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours on arrival; or if you planned your travel with Aer Lingus and flight was cancelled without any prior notice; of if you were denied to board your flight due to overbooking, then according to European Union Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, you can claim compensation up to 600€. This takes into account the distance between departure and arrival airport.

Still Confused, Whether You Are Eligible To Claim Against Aer Lingus Or Not?

Flight damage, flight failure, airport delay, planes delay are some of the reasons of delays. Safety measures has been taken by European Union Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, and entitles you to claim compensation for delays of more than 3 hours.

You can even ask for refund for flight cancellations without prior notice of at least 7 days. If you have missed your connecting flight due to delay or flight time change or cancellation then also you can claim money back from the airline.

Managerial issues like denied boarding due to overbooking, airport delay and technical issues like flight damage and flight failure are also claimable. Passengers should report the delay of flights to the authority responsible for flight delays and demand money back from them.

If you need any help to claim compensation you can always contact us (Claim Flights). You just need to provide us detail of your Aer Lingus flight information that you can get from flight itinerary or boarding pass. To know how much compensatory amount Aer Lingus owes you, use our free Flight Compensation Calculator where you just need to enter your Aer Lingus flight number, Date of journey and reason behind delay/cancellation.

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Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is an Irish airline and national flag carrier of Ireland. It is the second largest low cost air carrier of Ireland formed in 1936. Its rapid growth and expansion is mainly due to its low cost business model. Its headquarters are situated at Dublin Airportin Swords.

It operates both domestic and international flights to America, Europe, Asia and Africa. IATA code of Aer Lingus Airline is "EI". Parent company of Aer Lingus Airlines is International Airlines Group (IAG) which is also the parent company of British Airways, Iberia and Vueling Airline.

During its starting stage Aer Lingus used to carry 5 million passengers per year which has now increased to 11 million passengers per year showing that the airline has truly grown over the years. Aer Lingus works with a mission to connect Ireland with the rest of the world at a comprehensive price.

Aer Lingus offers domestic flight services known as "Aer Lingus Regional" the brand name used for the regional flights. Aer Lingus also offers cargo services (Aer Lingus Cargo) on all routes to United States from Dublin and Shannon and some routes to UK and most European routes.

Aer Lingus Codeshare Partners

Aer Lingus has both codeshare and Interline agreement with various airlines. The code-share agreements allows them to use their flight numbers on other airlines flights and marketing of their products on other airlines' flights, while the interline agreements allows them to book tickets on others flight as their own.

The airlines with which Aer Lingus has code-share agreement are British Airways, Air Canada, Flybe and KLM. Aer Lingus has both code-share and interline agreements with Etihad Airways, JetBlue Airways and United. Aer Lingus has Franchise agreement with Stobart Air which is the regional Irish airline and operates number of routes under Aer Lingus brand.

Aer Lingus Fleet Size & Destinations

Aer Lingus operates 48 planes which serves to both domestic and international passengers. Airbus A320, A321, A330 aircrafts are used for both long and short haul routes to European, North African and Asia Minor destinations. Airbus A330 and Boeing 757 are used for North American and some European destinations.

Aer Lingus has 7 Airbus A330-300s, 34 Airbus A320-200s, 3 Airbus A321-200 and 4 Airbus A330-200. Using these fleets, the airline has spread its wings across North America and Europe. Aer Lingus airline has its bases at Belfast, Cork and Shannon which helps them operate flights to other destinations.

The countries across Europe to which Aer Lingus connects to are: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

Where Does Aer Lingus Airlines Fly To

Sr.No. Country City /Cities
1 Spain Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Madrid, Murcia, Málaga, Majorca, Santiago de Compostela, Tenerife
2 United Kingdom Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newquay, Southampton
3 United States Boston (Logan Airport), Chicago, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Newark, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. (Dulles)
4 France Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Perpignan, Rennes, Toulouse
5 Italy Bologna, Catania, Milan, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Rome, Venice, Verona
6 Germany Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart
7 Ireland Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Kerry, Knock, Shannon
8 Croatia Dubrovnik, Pula, Split
9 Austria Salzburg, Vienna
10 Switzerland Geneva, Zürich
11 Greece Athens, Corfu
12 Portugal Faro, Lisbon
13 Isle of Man Isle of Man
14 Finlando Rovaniemi
15 Iceland Reykjavík
16 Netherlands Amsterdam
17 Belgium Brussels
18 Hungary Budapest
19 Canada Toronto
20 Bulgaria Burgas
21 Czech Republic Prague
22 Jersey Jersey
23 Poland Warsaw
24 Turkey Izmir

Most Popular Routes of Aer Lingus Airlines

The most popular destinations of Aer Lingus are Dublin to Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Paris, JFK Airport, Heathrow, Orlando, London, San Francisco, New York and Amsterdam; Boston to Shannon; Cork to Malaga and Rome; Gatwick to Belfast; Heathrow to Shannon; Glasgow to New York; Belfast to London.

Aer Lingus Services

Aer Lingus has introduced frequent flyer program or Loyalty based program "AerClub/Avios" for their frequent flyers where Aer Lingus passengers can earn rewards or points (also known as miles, segments or kilometres) against their flight tickets. This earned points can be redeemed for priority bookings, other goods or services, air travels, fast track access, airport lounge access and travel class upgrades.

Aer Lingus provides 2 classes of services on their aircrafts depending on flight distance namely, Economy Class and Business Class. On short haul flights (Europe, North Africa and some Asian countries), Economy Class passengers can get 29"-30" seat pitch and Buy on Board Service where passenger can purchase meals and drinks on board. No business class service offered on short haul flights.

On long haul flights (North America and some European destination), Aer Lingus offers 32" seat pitch, Personal TV Screens with Audio/Video on demand, free meals and non-alcoholic drinks; Kid Zone - for younger passengers with Disney movies, TV shows, music and games; Universal power ports for their Economy class passengers. However Business class passengers can get flat bed, free meals and drinks, universal power ports, Individual TV Screens with Video on demand (VOD) and free Wi-Fi services.

Aer Lingus Ratings

Skytrax which rates airlines based on the quality of the services and performances, has rated Aer Lingus 7 of 10 stars reviewed by more than 600 customers. Aer Lingus customers have rated 2 of 5 stars for Inflight Entertainment; 3 of 5 stars for Food & Beverages and Seat Comfort and 4 of 5 stars for Staff Service and Value for Money.

Aer Lingus Cancellation or Baggage Claim Policy

Aer Lingus cancellation policy is specific to the fare type you have booked. If you cancelled your flight against confirmed reservation before scheduled departure time or change your flight date, then you can request refund from Aer Lingus. If you wish to cancel your flight due to bereavement, then also immediate family members (spouse, children, etc.,) can get full refund of flight ticket cost and Aer Lingus charges only for administration fee.

If your checked baggage or luggage were delayed or damaged or gets missed or lost at the airport, you can complaint to Aer Lingus Airlines. To know more about baggage or luggage related queries like carry-on baggage size or weight, luggage restrictions, baggage allowance for domestic or international flights, charges for excess baggage you can check Aer Lingus Baggage Policy.

You Can Check The Below Links For Any Further Queries Or Complaints

Aer Lingus Official Website: https://www.aerlingus.com/

Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aer_Lingus

Aer Lingus Mobile App: Android Play Store | iPhone/iPad App Store

Aer Lingus Office Address : Head Office Building, Dublin Airport, Ireland

Social Media Links: Facebook | Twitter

Telephone Number: + 353-1-8868202 (Toll-free)

Aer Lingus Flight Delays / Cancellation / Denied Boarding Problems

Aer Lingus airlines not only have heavy air passenger traffic but also equally substantial cargo traffic, which causes sometimes delay or cancellation of other flights. According to EU passenger rights regulation, any air passenger travelled with Aer Lingus airline has complete right to claim compensation up to 600€ for flight delays of 3 hours or more; flight cancellation without any prior notification; denied boarding due to overbooked flights.

EC Regulation 261/2004 - Aer Lingus Flights Passenger Rights

EC Regulation 261/2004 (dated 17 February 2005) applies to air passengers departing from any EU airport, or from a non-EU airport with Aer Lingus Airline to an European destination. Passengers must note that flight compensation is subject to certain conditions and exceptions.

There will be no compensation for a delay or cancellation caused by an extraordinary circumstance. An example of such situations includes extreme bad weather, pilot strikes or security concerns such as fear of a terror attack. In such situations, passengers cannot receive compensation.

Nevertheless, if there is a delay of more than 4 hours for a flight of 3500 km or more; delay of 3 hours or more in intra-community flight of 1500 km or more; and delay of 3 hours in case of flight under 1500 km, the passenger is entitled to claim compensation under EU norms as set by the regulation.

If you travelled with Aer Lingus and your flight was delayed or cancelled for reasons which could have been easily solved by the airline, then according to Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, you can claim compensation up to 600€. This takes into account distance of travel and the delay duration which should be more than 3 hours.

Within EU,

  • If you travel up to 1,500 km or less, then you can claim up to 250€
  • And over 1,500 km, you can claim up to 400€

Between EU Airport And Non-EU Airport

  • If you travel up to 1,500 km or less, then you claim up to 250€
  • If the distance is between 1,500 - 3,500 km, then you claim up to 400€
  • And if the distance is more than 3500 km and flight delays for more than 4 hours, then you can claim up to 600€
Delayed Flight Distance Based Claim Amount

Note: If you are travelling to a Non-European country from a Non-European country by an European Airline, EU 261 rule won't apply to you.

Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation?

EC Regulation 261/2004 is a European Union Regulation, it applies to EU airspace. You do not have to be an EU citizen to claim flight compensation. This means that you can claim on flights departing from any airport located in the EU (with any airline) or arriving in the EU (with an EU airline). Thus, you are eligible to claim for Aer Lingus flight delays or cancellations. Although your flight was delayed or cancelled 3 years ago, today also, you are eligible to claim compensation.

Origin and Destination EU Airline Non-EU Airline
From Inside EU To Inside EU YES YES
From Inside EU To Outside EU YES YES
From Outside EU To Inside EU YES NO
From Outside EU To Outside EU NO NO

How We (Claim Flights) Can Help You To Claim Your Money Back?

All you have to do is provide us your Aer Lingus flight details like flight number and flight date (you can find on your flight itinerary or boarding pass) and reason behind delay or cancellation and our claim experts will work with various other team to collect data so that everything goes smoothly.

Our claim expert team has access to flight information such as the time by which the flight was delayed, reason behind delay or cancellation, actual flights departure and arrival time, etc. making us more likely to win. We are providing best services to claim, without any legal hassles or complications.

Our free online compensation checker tool can help you to calculate the exact compensatory amount that can be claimed. Our claim professionals take up your case on No Win No Fee base. So if you have any complaints regarding Aer Lingus flights, you can contact Claim Flights at any time.

We charge only in case, the case is valid, otherwise, you do not have to bear any costs. You can check the receivale claim amount provided by us against other claim companies.

How Our Claim Process Works?

Our 3 step claim process is very easy to use and to provide us the desired information doesn't take more than 3 minutes of your precious time. We have access to a lot of information about Aer Lingus airlines flights, thus you receive the compensation within right time.

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Calculate The Amount Airlines Owes You

Passengers are often unaware of the rules and regulations and end up claiming a very futile amount compared to what they are entitled to claim. At Claim Flights the exact compensation can be calculated with the help of our free compensation calculator available online.

You can claim flight compensation or reimbursement with our assistance by filling the claim form. You may need to enter further details about yourself and co-passengers for whom you would like to claim flight compensation. Our claim expert team can file a claim on behalf of you and pursue it from the airlines.

Flight Delay Compensation Calculator
You could receive up to $700 per person. Claim for your rights and check your itinerary for free here.
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Claim Flights

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Just 2 minutes of your time spent

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Do It Yourself

Outcome unclear, most airlines ignore customer claims

Takes hours of your time

Low cost risk, but might end up in court anyhow

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