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Thomas Cook Airlines (MT) Compensation

Thomas airlines

Thomas Airline is basically the British Airline which is name after the Thomas Cook. The Thomas Cook Airlines is the partner of the Thomas Cook Group. Thomas Cook airline is one of the world’s best airline and its subsidiaries that is Condor is the third biggest airlines in the world.

If you have any doubts to make your claim or using our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator you can see our video illustrated on "How to Claim Compensation from Airlines?" (How To Claim Flight Delay / Cancellation Compensation). This video will demonstrate you on: How To Claim Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flights.

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Destinations of Thomas Airlines

Thomas airline is the world’s largest airline so it has the destinations all over the world. This airline covers all the international airports.

Delays and cancellations in Thomas Airlines

As Thomas airline is the most famous and the best airline so it the choice of many passengers. Like other airlines, Thomas airlines also face a lot of cancellations and delay issues. At the same time, the passengers also face the problem of denied boarding. These situations occur only when the route is very busy. Take an example of the European rout to the New York. This is the busy route and mostly the passengers face the issues. The only option left with the passengers is to take the compensation.

According to the EC regulation of 261/2004 it is the responsibility of the airline to compensate the air passengers if they face any inconvenience due to the issues of airline. All those airlines are bound to compensate who comes under the EC regulations. But along with that there are certain exceptions through which the airline is not liable to compensate. These are the following exceptions:

1. The passengers who waited for more than 4 hours for the flight or they have to travel a minimum distance of 3500 kilometers or more than that.
2. If the flight of Thomas Cook Airlines get cancellations without issuing of any notice.
3. If the passengers denied boarding because of the extra selling of air tickets which is under the control of airlines.

The above mentioned issues are not under the control of the Thomas airline and the authority is not liable to pay any compensation. The other issue through which the airline is not responsible to compensate is the unexpected weather and the natural disasters. In these situations, the Thomas airline authority is also not responsible to compensate.

Measurements of Distance for the compensation

The following is the compensation amount for the passengers with respect of their distance travelled:

1. All those Flights of 1500 kilometers or less and the compensation amount is 250 euros.
2. All those Flights of 1500 kilometers to 3500 kilometers and the compensation amount are 400 euros.
3. All those Flights of more than 3500 kilometers and the compensation amount is 600 euros

The above mentioned calculations help the passengers to expect the exact amount for the compensation which is being given by the Thomas Airline authority.

Department of Transportation also known as DOT has set certain air-travel rights for people who are travelling from US to EU. If you are bumped due to overbooking, delayed for 3 hours or went through flight cancelation, you have right to claim for compensation. You can use our online calculator to check how much amount you can claim for.

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Flight Delay Compensation Calculator
You could receive up to $700 per person. Claim for your rights and check your itinerary for free here.
E.g., 24.10.2018
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Do It Yourself

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