Flight delay Compensation calculator
You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
E.g., 19.01.2019

Wizz Air Flight Delay Passenger Rights To Claim Compensation

Claim Flight Delay Compensation for Wizz Airlines

Wizz Airline is a low cost Hungarian airline. Although it is the largest airline of Hungary in terms of number of flights, still it is not the flag carrier of the country. Wizz Airlines serves in around 35 countries and operates across cities of Europe, Azerbeijan, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. It is a low cost airline and has rapidly developed mainly due to low cost carrier business model. It witness huge air passenger traffic and cargo load annually. If you are taking Wizz Air flight and your flight is delayed due to some reason, then you need not to worry. You have complete right to claim refund for the inconvenience caused to you.

Am I eligible to claim compensation?

It is one question which is there in every air passengers mind whose flight has been delayed, cancelled or postponed. According to EU passenger rights regulation, an air passenger is eligible to claim refund in all of the above situations. An air passenger can claim refund if the flight is delayed due to damage, airport delay, air carrier delay or any other reason. Flight overbooking, missing the connecting flight and current flight delays are some of the other reason for flight delay claim.

How to claim compensation?

For claiming your flight delay compensation, all you need to do is to contact the advocates at Claim Flights. You need to report them about their flight delay status, flight number and fill the form for claiming compensation for flight delay. Compensation calculator will help you to calculate the exact amount you are entitled to claim. Lawyers at Claim Flights make sure that you get right amount in time.

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Claim Flights helped many airlines passengers for their compensation claims and they are happy with us. See what our customers rated us: 9.5 from 10 star based on 358 Reviews..



I am totally satisfied. Outstanding work.

Carla S.

Everything was above board and I had regular communications. It put my mind at ease, although whole process did take about 4 months which was a little longer than I expected. The outcome was in my favour as promised. Well done to ClaimFlights and big thank you.

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Flight Delay Compensation Calculator
You could receive up to $700 per person. Claim for your rights and check your itinerary for free here.
E.g., 19.01.2019
Choose Your Choice To Claim For Your Delayed Flight
We have compared different ways to claim for your delayed or cancelled flight


Fee from £25 to £455 + hearing fee of £25 to £335

Risk of loosing money if you loose the case

Some hours of your time is spend

Result unknown

Claim Flights

No cost risk, only pay if we win

Additional databases and legal evidence

Just 2 minutes of your time spent

Experts with high success rate


Do It Yourself

Outcome unclear, most airlines ignore customer claims

Takes hours of your time

Low cost risk, but might end up in court anyhow

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