Flight delay Compensation calculator
You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
E.g., 19.11.2017

Atlanta Airport (ATL) Delays Compensation | Claim Flights

Flight Number date from to claimform
Delta Air Lines

November 4, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Amsterdam - AMS Claim Flight Compensation
American Airlines

November 2, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Charlotte - CLT Claim Flight Compensation
Virgin Atlantic Airways

November 2, 2017

Atlanta - ATL London - LHR Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 30, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Orlando - MCO Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 29, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Paris - CDG Claim Flight Compensation

October 28, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Frankfurt - FRA Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 28, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Liberia - LIR Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 24, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Middletown - MDT Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 23, 2017

Atlanta - ATL London - LHR Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 22, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Fort Myers - RSW Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 20, 2017

Atlanta - ATL London - LHR Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 18, 2017

Atlanta - ATL London - LHR Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 16, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Frankfurt - FRA Claim Flight Compensation
Delta Air Lines

October 16, 2017

Atlanta - ATL Las Vegas - LAS Claim Flight Compensation
United Airlines

October 16, 2017

Atlanta - ATL San Francisco - SFO Claim Flight Compensation

Zero Risk Compensation Claim on “No win – No fee” Basis

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest airports of United States of America. Atlanta Georgia airport deals with heavy traffic of more than 130 international and domestic flights. Flights from Atlanta are often delayed due to bad weather conditions. Heavy air traffic and large number of daily commuters also result in UK flight delays. Passengers always wonder how they can claim compensation for a delayed flight. But with EU delayed flight compensation regulation you don’t need to worry anymore. Claim Flights will claim flight delay compensation on your behalf and make sure that you get compensation according to EU regulation of delayed flights.

How to Claim for a delayed Flight?

Claim Flights have a strong team of solicitors who will give you guidance about how to claim for a delayed flight. Compensation calculator will assess your situation and will tell you the exact compensation you can claim. Compensation amount varies in different situations like European flight delay compensation, flight delay in extraordinary circumstances, flight delay for more than 4 hours compensation, international flight delay compensation and so on. Flight delay compensation calculator can tell the exact compensation in any of the above situations or any other situation like cancelled flight compensation or flight delay due to technical problems.

Solicitors of Claim Flights file the case in accordance with EU regulation of delayed flights. These solicitors work on the principle of „no win - no fee“. So if you are choosing Claim Flights to claim compensation for flight delays then zero risk is involved. Atlanta Georgia airport also offers refreshments, accommodation, free WIFI and other facilities while waiting for a delayed flight.

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Flight Delay Compensation Calculator
You could receive up to $700 per person. Claim for your rights and check your itinerary for free here.
E.g., 18.11.2017
Choose Your Choice To Claim For Your Delayed Flight
We have compared different ways to claim your delayed flight for you:


Fee from £25 to £455 + hearing fee of £25 to £335

Risk of loosing money if you loose the case

Some hours of your time is spend

Result unknown

Claim flights

No cost risk, only pay if we win

Additional databases and legal evidence

Just 5 minutes of your time spend

Claim Flights are experts with high success rate


Do it yourself

Outcome unclear, most Airlines ignore customer claims

Takes hours of your time

Low cost risk but might end up in court anyhow (see Lawyer column)

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