Flight delay Compensation calculator
You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
E.g., 22.09.2017

Dubai Airport (DXB) Flight Delays or Cancellations

Dubai Airport Flight Delay Compensation up to $700 (600€)

  1. for flight delays on arrival for 3 hours or more
  2. for flights cancelled without any notice of 14 days
  3. or if you were denied boarding due to overbooking

EC Regulation 261/2004 EU Air Passenger Rights entitles flight passengers to claim compensation for flight delays, flight cancellations and denied boarding incidents.

If your Dubai Airport flight gets delayed on arrivals, departed from any of the European Union (EU) airports, then according to EC Regulation 261/2004 you are eligible to claim compensation from the respective airline.

It doesn't matter from whichever country you belong to, if you had travelled from an EU airport with EU or Non-EU airline and your flight delays on arrival, you are eligible to claim flight delay compensation in accordance with EU 261 Rule.

EU 261 Compensation Rule even applies when your flight from Europe was been cancelled without prior notice of less than 14 days or if you have been denied to board your flight due to oversold flight tickets or if you missed your connecting flight due to the first flight delay.

Claim Up To 600€

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Dubai Airport (DXB) Recently Delayed/Cancelled Flights (Flight Number, Date, Departure and Arrival Airport)

In the Table below you can find the recently delayed or cancelled flights, if any of these belongs to your flight; you may receive compensation for it, you can click on "Claim Form" link and fill the claim form and our team of claim experts will claim from the airlines on behalf of you.

Flight Number date from to claimform

September 19, 2017

Dubai - DXB Paris - CDG Claim Flight Compensation

September 18, 2017

Dubai - DXB Mumbai - BOM Claim Flight Compensation

September 16, 2017

Dubai - DXB Cebu City - CEB Claim Flight Compensation

September 16, 2017

Dubai - DXB London - LHR Claim Flight Compensation

September 16, 2017

Dubai - DXB London - LHR Claim Flight Compensation

September 16, 2017

Dubai - DXB London - LGW Claim Flight Compensation

September 15, 2017

Dubai - DXB Singapore - SIN Claim Flight Compensation

September 14, 2017

Dubai - DXB Athens - ATH Claim Flight Compensation

September 14, 2017

Dubai - DXB Mauritius - MRU Claim Flight Compensation

September 13, 2017

Dubai - DXB Manchester - MAN Claim Flight Compensation

September 13, 2017

Dubai - DXB Birmingham - BHX Claim Flight Compensation

September 12, 2017

Dubai - DXB Frankfurt - FRA Claim Flight Compensation

September 11, 2017

Dubai - DXB Sydney - SYD Claim Flight Compensation

September 11, 2017

Dubai - DXB Nairobi - NBO Claim Flight Compensation

September 10, 2017

Dubai - DXB Delhi - DEL Claim Flight Compensation

September 9, 2017

Dubai - DXB Fort Lauderdale - FLL Claim Flight Compensation

September 9, 2017

Dubai - DXB Manchester - MAN Claim Flight Compensation

September 9, 2017

Dubai - DXB Bangkok - BKK Claim Flight Compensation

September 8, 2017

Dubai - DXB Istanbul - IST Claim Flight Compensation

September 7, 2017

Dubai - DXB Warsaw - WAW Claim Flight Compensation

If you haven't found your flight in the above table, use our free "Claim Checker Tool" to claim compensation for your flight, you just need to enter your flight number, date of travel and check for free the claim amount airline owe you.

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When Can You Claim Compensation For Dubai Flight Delays Or Cancellations?

You are eligible to claim financial compensation from the airlines for flight delays or cancellations, if you booked your flight with European or Non-European airline and your flight's departure is/was from an European Airport and arrival at Dubai Airport.

Origin and Destination EU Airline Non-EU Airline
From Outside EU To Outside EU NO NO
From Outside EU To Inside EU YES NO
From Inside EU To Outside EU YES YES

And, If your flight was delayed or cancelled at Dubai Airport due to the airline's fault.

Whereas, you will not receive any compensation if delay or cancellations was due to exceptional circumstances and not under airlines' control.

3 Easy Steps To Claim Financial Compensation

  1. Enter your Flight Number & Flight Date
  2. Fill the Claim Form & Assign Us
  3. Sit Back & Relax (We'll do the work for you)

How To Claim Compensation For Your Flight?

Claim Flights claiming process is very easy to use and to provide us the desired information doesn't take more than 3 minutes of your precious time. We have access to a lot of information on flight delay and cancellations to claim flight compensation for your flight.

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US customer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania talks about Claim Flights

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Claim Yourself Delayed Flight Compensation

If your flight is/was delayed for more than 3 hours or if your flight was cancelled without prior notice of 2 weeks or if you were denied boarding due to overbooking of flight tickets, you can use our free claim letter template to write the letter to airline to claim compensation for your delayed / cancelled / overbooked flight in accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004.

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Flight Delay Compensation Calculator
You could receive up to $700 per person. Claim for your rights and check your itinerary for free here.
E.g., 22.09.2017
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Result unknown

Claim flights

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Additional databases and legal evidence

Just 5 minutes of your time spend

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Do it yourself

Outcome unclear, most Airlines ignore customer claims

Takes hours of your time

Low cost risk but might end up in court anyhow (see Lawyer column)

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