7 Best Trip Planner Apps You Must Have In Your SmartPhone

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Google Trips

Are you going on a trip abroad or a business trip? Are you using the air travel apps to plan and manage your tour?

If you like traveling, you surely want all the information handy way before you land in a new country. Even though you might have traveled before, but you certainly didn't get the chance to explore all the places.

Travel planner apps are always your best friend in such case.

It's estimated that about 85% of people use the best business travel apps for a holiday to save their money.

Who needs travel agents? Install the travel app to book your flight, hotel room, and rent a car in real time. These apps deliver not only travel information, but also advice, insights, and tips to save some money.

You can download the travel apps on your mobile from AppStore or PlayStore as per your smartphone device.

Best travel apps that can help your next trip without a hitch

Google Trips

Google Trips (Android/iOS: Free)

Google Trips turns your smartphone into an all-in-one travel assistant, consolidating travel itineraries and reservations straight from your emails.

It is best suitable for a road trip. It also provides recommendations on day plans, local sights, and attractions based on your taste, and interest.

Local travel tips are an add-on. Trip details get saved to their smartphone, allowing for offline use away from local Wi-Fi or costly roaming rates.


FLIO (Android/iOS: Free)

Make the most of a long transit with FLIO. It's the best resource for travelers making their way through airports worldwide.

Partnered with more than 1000 airports. The app has info about flight status, terminal maps, boarding pass scanner, real-time flight tracker, booking options.

FLIO app's sheer services and features make it a favorite app of frequent fliers and vacationers alike.


Airbnb (Android/iOS: Free)

Airbnb is a marketplace app that allows users to find unique accommodations across the world. Be it a night stay, a service apartment for a week, or even a castle for a month. You can find it here and it’s a free app.

There's no shortage of locations and resources as it covers more than 34,000 cities across almost 200 countries.

It uses google maps to find the location easily. Hence the adventurous traveler has definitely some interesting choices for accommodations on their next trip.


Hopper (Android/iOS: Free)

Hopper is famous for bringing big data and predictive algorithms to the world of air travel.

It uses a massive database of airline prices to know the lowest price for all destinations. Users are suggested and notified of price drops or rises.


TripCase (Android/iOS: Free)

TripCase allows you to organize all your trip details in hand by linking hotel bookings, flights, car rentals and more. You can view airline maps, access helpful and emergency contact numbers.

Instant notifications such as flight delays and gate changes sent straight to your phone to stay updated.

Besides, this app navigates to your hotel from or any locations. You can even book an Uber from the app.


GoEuro (Android/iOS: Free)

This App is the best travel app for Europe Tour.

It's the best booking platform for trains, buses, and flights throughout Europe.

Also, is one of the best comparison apps to find the cheapest transport displaying all transportation options.

Explore European cities like never before with this app. It can be used as public transit. Their real-time comparison gives you direct access to over trains, bus, and flight partners to find the most affordable journey.

It allows you to instantly search and compare thousands of routes for trains, buses, and flights anywhere in Europe.

Now select the best travel option, and have your paperless e-tickets available in the app without any Wi-Fi connection.


TripAdvisor (Android/iOS: Free)

TripAdvisor is one of the best online sources for travelers around the world.

It's mostly liked because of its in-depth reviews of hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots.

Users can make the best decision of their travel destinations from the photos and feedback of past travelers on this platform.

TripAdvisor is one of the most preferred travel apps with a huge and active community.

Advantages of using trip planner apps are virtually limitless. Let's analyze some benefits

  • Everything under one roof

  • One of the top reasons why most of the holiday lovers use mobile apps.

    The traveler can get all the information. It includes choosing the destination, booking tickets, hotel reservation, cab booking, exploring the local places to visit and so on.

    You can even get travel insurance to safeguard your belongings and compensate trip cancellation. Many apps also offer a loyalty program to customers.

    There is no need to open any other app or site separately for various tasks thereby saving time and effort.

  • Go Paperless for all transactions

    One of the biggest advantages that mobile apps have offered is that it has reduced the process of paperwork. Travelers may forget the ticket. But, with a travel app, you don’t need to worry about that.

    It can carry all tickets in it, Hotel reservation ticket, flight or train tickets, and other important documents pertained to travel. It can save their time and save a lot of paper.

  • Automatic

    You can easily find the best destinations, make bookings, and obtain information about invoicing, billing and other information.

    Many apps include an automated process for every aspect of the customer's stays. Such as check-ins, check-outs, room services and much more.

  • Better Communication and Organization

    For travelers who are always on a business trip, a travel app can be a very effective platform for organizing trips. Connect with service providers and fellow travelers. You can also manage your referrals and rewards. Social mobile apps such as Backpackr and Tripr enable travelers to meet and interact on a global scale.

  • Offering travel insurance

    Travel apps offer the right level of insurance to compensate for trip cancellation, medical issues, lost or stolen belongings, medical evacuation. It can be purchased via flight booking applications or when a person orders a holiday package via an app.


    You can plan anything using the above apps, that comes your way during or after a journey. These apps work as your personal assistant, helping you to plan around your trip schedules and become a more efficient traveler.

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