Trying to score cheap flight tickets? It’s not that hard!

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An integral part of any travel itinerary is booking flight tickets (you need to book a ticket before you can claim air customer rights with us ;-). Getting the best bargains can be a daunting task, but by applying a few simple techniques, you’ll increase the chances of getting a good bargain. Be aware though, there aren’t any hard or fast rules as ticket prices fluctuates like the stock market.

1. Check flight prices as early as possible
Most airlines release their tickets 11 months in advance. Once you have confirmed the date of your trip, try checking the price of tickets every week. Sometimes you can get the cheapest price as you get closer to your selected date of departure. And vice versa. But it may cost you as no one can predict the price of flight tickets. In other words, luck and timing plays a huge role. Buy a ticket once you feel it’s the best price you can afford or you might just miss out.

2. Remember the seasons
Flight prices are not set in stone. But a general rule of thumb is that as dates are closer towards the holidays or within the week of a holiday and seasonal festivities, the price will increase. Off-peak seasons and normal weekdays are generally cheaper. A study has shown that the best time to book a flight is between 3 to 7 weeks in advance. It’s 11-12 weeks in advance for international flights. 14 day before the date of departure is usually considered unwise as the price can skyrocket.

3. Weekdays over weekends
General consensus is that flights are typically cheaper during weekdays between Tuesdays to Thursdays and pricier from Friday to Sunday. Weekends are a big hit for airlines as people go on short trips. Try arranging your schedule carefully so you can maximize this advantage.

4. Flexibility is key
When you decide to travel, try to be flexible with the dates. That way you’ll have a bigger option to check prices on different weeks before or after your intended departure date. By sticking to just one date, it might make it harder for you to get better deals.

5. Flying times
Flight times are crucial too. Red-eye flights or early morning flights tend to be cheaper as they are usually unpopular.

6. Pick the deal, not the destination
Consider picking travel deals, instead of an intended destination. It’s so much easier to get cheap tickets when a destination is on sale, as opposed to picking a destination and having to find a cheap flight to get there. The Kayak Explore tool is a great website to use for this purpose. Just give in your departure city and departure date, and it shows you the best deals.

7. Consider alternate airports.
Check alternate airports of destination to get a better view of which is the better deal. It gives you more options to consider and revise your itinerary to get a cheaper flight.

8. A longer layover
Sometimes a longer layover can mean cheaper flights. Websites like Expedia helps you to consider your options.

9. Join a frequent flyer program
When you join an airline frequent flyer program, you get points based on flight miles. It means the further you fly the bigger your points. Even if you usually fly economy, if you sign up for a frequent flyer program, you can have access to airport lounges, priority check-ins and redeem points for your next flights.

10. Sign up for email notifications and newsletters
Sometimes special deals appear unannounced. To take full advantage of these flash sales, try signing up for your chosen airline newsletter so that you will always be updated on the latest deals.

11. Travel Agents
Instead of booking directly through an airline’s website, consider using travel agencies. Some travel agencies offer great rates and even offer lower air fares compared to an airline’s website. Check out your local travel agency that offers lowest fares guarantee.

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