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You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
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This Compensation for delayed flights overview shows how much money you get at different claim companies.

These amounts are only valid for non-EU customers, EU territorial customers have to use the UK site.

Your compensation based on EC 261/2004 Your final compensation with ClaimFlights.com* Your final compensation with airhelp.com** Your final compensation with claim4flights.com***
250 € / $275 USD**** 187.5€ 95€ 87.08 £
400 € / $440 USD**** 300€ 170€ 160.92 £
600 € / $660 USD**** 450€ 270€ 259.38 £
Price research done in March 2016. All compensation calculation under the assumption that the cases has to be presented in front of court.
* Claimflights.com charges 25% net.
** airhelp.com charges Service fee 25% + Legal action fee 25% to present in court = 50% fees in total + 30€ bank transfer fee; from Airhelp pricelist taken on 11th March 2016, Airhelp invoice fee of 30€ not included, Change fee of 60€ not included in calculation - see https://www.airhelp.com/en/price-list .
*** claim4flights.com charges 30% + 25 Pound admin charge for court case + tax.
**** Multiply € by 1.1 in Mai 2015 to get $ amount, exchange rates can change. European law states € amounts given above.

How to read this table?

Read below to understand how the fees are calculated in the table. An example delay case is given to completely understand the fee structure of the companies.

AirHelp Fees (AirHelp Limited China, Hong Kong)

AirHelp Limited is company incorporated in Hong Kong China. AirHelp Limited has a two-step price system, they charge 25% Service Fee and in the case the claim has to be presented in court they charge an additional Legal Action Fee of additional 25%. AirHelp charges a total fee of 50% for all claims to be presented in front of court. In addition to these 50% they charge a wire fee of 30€uro if you want the money wired or 5% transfer fee if you want the money with PayPal. In addition to these fees they charge additional Change Fee of 60€uro if they need to resend any payment and 30€uro if you want an invoice (the information is taken from AirHelp Limited Pricelist 'Published: 2015.11.06' on the 11th Mach 2016).

Example calculation for AirHelp Limited (China, Hong Kong)

Let us analyze the compensation payment for a flight delay for a US 5 person family flying from Frankfort to New York with a claim amount of 5 x 600€ = 3000€uro. If the claim has to be presented in court AirHelp will charge a 25% Service Fee (150€uro for each person, 750€ for the case) and an additional 25% Legal Action Fee (150€uro for each person, 750€ for the case). In total the family pays 1500€ Service and Legal Action Fee. In addition to these fees a wire fee of 30€ has to be paid if the money should be wired and if an invoice is requested for tax reason an additional 30€ would be charged. This gives a total of 750€uro Service Fee + 750€ Legal Action Fee + 30€ Wire Fee + 60€ Invoice Fee = a total fee of 1590€uro for Airhelp and 1410€uro for the customer and his family.

Fees for Claim Flights GmbH (Germany, Bonn)

ClaimFlights is a company incorporated in Germany licensed by the German government to claim flight compensation in Europe. ClaimFlights charges 25% net on the total claim amount and there is no upcharge for legal action. US citizens and other non-European nationalities do not have to pay taxes in Europe and would have to pay 25% as final fee to ClaimFlights. ClaimFlighs wires money for free and writes invoices for free.

Example calculation for Claim Flights GmbH (Germany, Bonn)

Let us analyze the compensation payment for the same 5 person family living in the US and flying from Frankfort to New York with a claim amount of 5 x 600€uro = 3000€uro. ClaimFlights charges 25% on this 3000€ = 750€uro. That`s all. This gives 750€uro for ClaimFlights and 2250€uro for the customer.
In addition to this lower fees ClaimFlights pays for European regulation, has an insurance contract mandatory for European claim companies and has a governmental certified legal expert to supervise the company.

The difference in this example between the fees of 1590€uro with AirHelp Limited and 750€uro with ClaimFlights is 840€uro.

With ClaimFlights the customer in this example will get 840€uros more.

Research and example calculated with most recent price data at 11th March 2016. We are interested to provide 100% correct information, if there should be anything wrong please mail to info(at)claimflights.com and we correct immediately.

How to choose a flight delay claim company?

In addition to price other topics are important if you choose a flight claim company.

  • You have to trust the company. The claim company will handle some thousand Euros for each customer. They might handle some thousand Euros for some thousand customers. The amounts can be big and you have to trust the claim company that they will handle your case in a correct way and pay your money to you.
  • The claim company needs to understand the European legal systems and have contacts to European lawyers in different European countries. You have to trust them to judge about your case in a correct way and to provide you correct information about your case.
  • You need to be able to communicate with the claim company in a good way. They should answer your questions in a couple of hours. You should be able to reach the company by paper postal service, for example to send a hand signed document or other documents to go in court.

Feel free to contact ClaimFlights with your claim case over our legal expert chat or read about what customers say about ClaimFlights at TrustPilot or Facebook.

At the end it is up to you to choose the right claim company.

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Is Airhelp legit?

Legit (adjective: legit) means conforming to the rules; legal or not engaging in illegal activity. We know for sure that Airhelp is not registered in the German/EU law, legal service provider and claim register (November 2017). We don`t know under which license Airhelp (registered in China) is working on EU Air Passenger Rights in the EU and we cannot find any information about being registered as legal service provider at https://www.airhelp.com/en/contact/#imprint or other pages.

Is Airhelp fake?

“AirHelp” or AirHelp Limited, is a company officially incorporated in China, Hong Kong (at 9B Amtel Building, 148 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong CB No. 1926223, BR No. 61625023-000, see https://www.airhelp.com/en/terms/ , accessed Nov. 2017).
There are other companies registered under the same adress which were under investigation, for example TM Capital Limited (see OFFSHORE LEAKS DATABASE https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/14024550 , accessed Nov. 2017 ) as well as a huge number of other adresses in exactly the same building which you can research yourself by giving the query " China, Hong Kong at 9B Amtel Building, 148 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong" into Google Search.

I have signed a contract with the wrong Air Passenger Right company and I want to change to ClaimFlights now, how can I bring my claim to ClaimFlights?

Do not worry to much, probably you do not have to stick to Chinese or Iranian laws or write letters in Chinese or Iranian. In most countries the place of justice is the country of the end consumer who signed the contract (and not the country from which the company came from). Many countries require a specific form to sign a binding contract between a consumer and a foreign company and you might have the legal right as consumer under consumer protection laws to cancel those contracts. As many of these companies do prepare their terms and conditions in a none-correct way you can probably shift away from them. Send them an email and tell them that you do not want to proceed with them because you do not trust them anymore and tell them that you do not accept any cancel fees or other fees.

Turn to our legal expert in the chat and we will help you to bring your case to us.

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