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How To Claim For Delayed Flights?

Flight Delay Compensation Letter Template

Similar to the laws covering air passenger rights in the US, the laws in European Union also provide for compensation claims to air passengers if they experience deficiency in the assured standards of service from the air carriers operating in the European Union. If your flight in European Union is delayed by more than 3 hours or if your booked flight is cancelled without giving at least 14 days in advance notice and also in cases of denied boarding due to overbooking; you can freely use our claim letter template to write to the airlines and claim compensation for the delayed/cancelled/overbooked flight. We encourage passengers to use this free letter template, downloadable from our website, while making their claims to the airlines directly. This template will be helpful since it ensures that your assertion letter is complete without missing all relevant details under the governing rules.

The EU regulation EC 261/2004 entitles claims up to 600 Euros to all air passengers whose flight was delayed for more than 3 hours or flight cancellations or denied boarding (bumped) due to overbooking. The entitlement is applicable for all air passengers whose flight departure is from an EU airport with any airline (EU or Non-EU) and for passengers whose flight arrival is at EU airport from any airport (EU or Non-EU) with an EU based airline.

How To Claim Yourself Delayed Flights Compensation?


Step 1

You can calculate the amount to claim with our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator. Flight Compensation amount depends on the delay experienced, the distance of the travel and other details based on EU Regulation 261/2004.

Check the Amount You Can Claim, Click "Claim Now".

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Step 2

You need to research for the address of the airline, making sure it's the correct legal address which you can easily find on the airlines website. If you are not sure about the postal address it is better to make a phone call on their telephone numbers. Then you can write the letter to the airline, using our sample letter below. There is no legal requirement to have proof of postage but it might be best to get this to be on the safe side.

Your Name and address
Name of Airline
Street and Street No.
Postal Code and City
Assertion of compensation claims according to Art. 7 Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004
Dear Sir/Madam,
I hereby claim compensation according to Art. 7 of Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 for:
1. your name / street / postal code / city
2. name of other passengers (for example your wife or children)
I claim compensation relating to flight (flight number) which I booked from (departure airport) to (destination airport) on (departure date).
The flight was delayed for more than x hours OR canceled OR took place without me.
The problem was not based on exceptional circumstances or act of god.
Due to the delay of x hours and the air distance between the airports I have the right to be compensated by xxxx for each passenger.
I am writing to request that you pay an amount of xxxx for each passenger, which comes to a total amount of €/£xxxx immediately, but not later than 2 weeks from the date of this letter.
My bank account is
Bank: xxxxxxx
IBAN: xxxxxx
Sift/BIC: xxxxxx
If I do not receive a response from you within the aforementioned deadline, I will seek immediate legal assistance.
With best regards
Your Name, Date and your signature

Step 3

After dispatching the letter, it is prudent to wait for minimum 3 weeks before initiating any legal action since the payment of your compensation may be in way. If the airlines offers you a coupon towards compensation or denies the admissibility of your claim citing “extraordinary circumstances” or does not respond; then you should seek appropriate legal help.

It is recommended that your lawyer or counsel has adequate expertise in EU air passenger rights.

The US or overseas citizens should note that the court where your case would be heard shall obviously not be your home town and the cost of travelling of your lawyer or yourself shall be borne by you. While personal presence of the passenger making compensation claim is not ordinarily required during the proceedings but in some cases, it might be necessary.

It is important to caution you here that in case you decide to claim compensation through legal proceedings on your own volition, the cost of hiring the lawyer, court costs, travel expenses, etc shall be borne by you if the court does not award you a favorable decision.

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If Airlines for which your flight was delayed or cancelled do not respond back to you with the claim letter, you can seek help from our claim experts, no win no fee lawyers to claim on behalf of you. Our experienced claim professionals will handle your case and do all the paperwork for you. Even if we have to go to court on your behalf we do not charge you for this.

How EU Air Passengers Can Claim Compensation From Airlines With Us?

Step 1:

You need to enter the "Flight Number" and "Flight Date" into our "Flight Delay Compensation Calculator" or you can click on the link below "CLAIM NOW" where you can enter your flight number and flight date.

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Once you finish the above step, your flight information will be displayed automatically i.e. the scheduled departure and arrival times of your flight along with pertinent information about the airports (with IATA codes) from where the flight took off and landed. In rare cases when these details are not automatically displayed, you will be required to manually enter the flight information details viz. Flight date, its scheduled departure time, departure airport, scheduled arrival time, destination airport etc. If you have any connecting flight booked under the same ticket, you can enter its details as well or else, proceed further by clicking “Next” link. Mark the reason of flight delay or flight cancellation or if you were “bumped” due to overbooking.

Once you enter all the information accurately you can proceed with "Next".

If you have any doubts to make your claim or using our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator you can see our video illustrated on "How to Claim Compensation from Airlines?" (How To Claim Flight Delay / Cancellation Compensation). This video will demonstrate you on: How To Claim Compensation for Delayed or Cancelled Flights.

Step 3:

The amount the airlines owe to you on account flight delay/cancellation or denied boarding will be evident to you now. You can also be clear of the amount you can expect if you claim through us and also compare it with respect to other claim companies. It will not be out of place to mention here that our service charges are payable to us only if we can win you the claim and there are no upfront charges or hidden costs involved. We have the most competitive price structure and strongly advocate transparent transactions for long term sustenance in the sector.

The strong work ethics in Claim Flights persuades us to work on mission mode for our clients and “No Win No Fee Claims” means that we get paid only on being successful. Yes, this means that we only charge you once we are successful in winning the compensation claim entitlement for you. We earn our remuneration only if your claim is successful and the airline pays you the compensation. In other words, you are totally free from any financial risk whatsoever if you claim with us.

Claiming Flight Compensation With Claim Flights


Our claim process has been developed in a manner which is very easy to use and the information required by us doesn't take more than 3 minutes of your precious time.

Since we are established professional veterans in the sector, we have access to wealth of useful information about the reasons of flight delays or cancellations. This includes our comprehensive law database, our specialized databases (ADS-B Flight database, Weather, Strikes, Acts of God and news databases).

Our team also has expertise in approaching the airlines in the most apt way for winning the compensation claims for you and often we are able to get the claims settled without a court case. This obviously helps everyone by making the process faster. It is our responsibility to follow up timely with the airline and minutely look into the fine details as well to get you the claim at the earliest possible time.

The process if you do it with us

If you let us make the passenger right claim on your behalf all you have to do is provide us with basic information (your flight number, the date of travel and your personal data) and sign a letter of authorization online). This can be done in 3 minutes and we take care of the rest.

See the details of our work compared to what you have to do if you do it yourself (our service) or claim your flight right now. It will also not be out of place to mention here that our present area of service is limited to European Union laws/jurisdiction only and the claims for the domestic flights in the US or other geograhies are presently beyond the scope of our service.

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