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Flight Actual Arrival Time When Doors Opens | Law Cases

Flight Arrival Time

According to the judge the actual arrival of a flight is the date on which at least one of the aircraft doors will open. Finally, that the ability of passengers to communicate with the outside world, significantly limited for technical and security reasons, as long as the aircraft has not come to a halt. These inconveniences are indeed inevitable during the regular flight duration. However, this does not apply to a delay (Urt. V. 09.04.2014, Az. C-452/13). The term "actual arrival time" should be understood as meaning that it represents the time at which such a limiting situation ends. The situation of passengers change is not substantial enough when the wheels touch the runway the aircraft or the aircraft reaches its parking position. For the passengers were being held in the time still in the closed space in which they are subject to various restrictions. Only when the passengers to leave the aircraft is permitted and for the opening of the aircraft doors was ordered, also ended these restrictions.

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