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Aircraft Damaged By Bird Strike "Exceptional Circumstance"

Bird Strike

If an aircraft is damaged by a bird strike, spoken aloud by a BGH "exceptional circumstance" (Urt. V. 24/09/2013-XZR 129/12, BeckRS 2013 and 19627 XZR 160/12, BeckRS 19863). The reason: the bird strike is an event that is unpredictable and therefore outside the controllability of an air carrier. At the same time, it was noted that "that damage to aircraft occasionally occur by bird strike" (Urt. V. 24/09/2013-XZR 160/12, para. 16, BeckRS 2013 19683). Therefore, it is debatable whether the bird strike and then the "exceptional circumstance" is when the flight path near a famous bird breeding ground running.

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