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Flight Delayed/Cancelled Due To Crew Member Illness

Flight Crew Member Illness

If a crew member ill and consequently canceled a flight or a long delay, then the question of an "exceptional circumstance" controversial. Of course, the airlines try to make it an "extraordinary circumstance". Their reason: a failure of a crew member is unpredictable and may therefore a case of 'force majeure' grades. The LG Darmstadt in the judgment of 06.04.2011 - 7 S 122/11 (RRa 2011 = 290 BeckRS 2011 28874) but then decided: "It is only to operations of the airline attributed when an employee responsible for their employees ill and therefore its intended tasks can not perceive. The illness of a crew member is therefore not an "exceptional circumstance" and does not cause under Article 5 VO 3 to the elimination of the liability "(also: AG Frankfurt, ruling 20.05.2011- 245/11 -16;..... AG Kingswells, ruling of 01.06.2012 - 9 C 138/12, RRa 2013 193;.. AG Rüsselsheim, Urt.v. 17.09.2010-3 C 598/10 (31), RRa2010,278; Woitkewitsch, MDR 2012, 193, 194; Bosch / Lorz, NZV2013, 105, 107).

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