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You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
E.g., 20.04.2019

Late Passengers Aircraft Doors Closed Not Denied Boarding

Airport Door

Already a closed aircraft doors must not be opened again for late passengers, since they would result in significant disruption of air traffic. If one appearing on the flight gate flight passenger denied taking after the aircraft doors have been closed, it should not be denied boarding in accordance with the EC Regulation 261/2004 represents. This was decided by the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt (Urt. V. 01.10.2009 -16 U 18 / 08). Rejection after the closing of the aircraft doors should not be criticized. That it even after closure of the aircraft doors still get to accommodate passengers in exceptional cases, does not contradict that. However, if one general right to insist a major disruption of air traffic would be expected.

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