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Leakage of hydraulic oil

Hydraulic Oil Leakage

Even the sudden discharge of hydraulic oil to the cap of the main landing gear is spoken by part of the perceived from airlines tasks (LG Stuttgart, ruling of 20.04.2011 - 13 S 227/10, RRa 2011 234;.. AG Nürtingen, ruling. . 27.09.2010 - 11 C 1219/11; AG Rüsselsheim, ruling of 28.05.2010 - 3 C 390 / 10-35 and ruling of 27.08.2010 - 3 C 517 / 10-35, RRa 2010 290.... ). Therefore, a problem will not be displayed with the oil filter of an engine as "exceptional circumstance". This is also true for a defect in the fuel supply to an engine and an error in the electronic system (HG Vienna, ruling of 13.03.2010 -.. 60 R 114 / 06d, RRa 2010, 238). Even in the case of a clogged fuel filter is NOT caused by unclean kerosene is spoken by the "exceptional circumstance" when the fuel is supplied by a third party (AG Rüsselsheim, Urt. V. 18.04.2013 -3 c 2265 / 12-39, RRa 2014 50).

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