Flight delay Compensation calculator
You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
E.g., 11.12.2018

Loose objects at the airport

Cleanliness Of The Runway

Basically, the airport operator is responsible for cleanliness of the runway. However, it was not determined by the court that the airport operator is responsible for the reliability of the runways (due to the Airport Use Agreement). ? Whether any fault of the contractor and service provider belongs (§ 278 BGB) for typi specific risk of running an airline, has not yet been decided by the highest courts in Germany (in this AT: Supreme Court, TranspR 2013.128).
Located on the airport grounds around an object and is sucked from the engine, so it is noisy AG Rüsselsheim (ruling of 09.07.2013 -.. 3 C 2910 / 12-32) for 'exceptional circumstance', as the one "outside interference" and was not in the controllability of the air carrier. However, if an object lying on the tarmac, it is the responsibility of the air carrier and is not considered "exceptional circumstance" (AG Rüsselsheim, ruling of 31.10.2013 -.. 3 C 2715 / 13-38).

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