Flight delay Compensation calculator
You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
E.g., 20.04.2019

medical Emergency


There is a medical emergency that has happened on a previous flight, can be assigned to an "exceptional circumstance" (AG Frankfurt, ruling 01.03.2011- 31 C 2177 / 10-83, RRa 2011 144;.. AG Wedding, Urt v. 28.10.2010 - 2 C 115/10, RRa 2012 38; AG funds, ruling of 28.11.2007 - 14 C 273/07; Bosch / Lorz, NZV2013, 105,107; aA earlier... Schmid, RRa 2012 , 2,4). In principle, however, it must be proved by the airlines, the measures taken to avoid the inconvenience of the following flight (AG Dusseldorf, ruling 27/9/2013 -.. 36 C 6837/13). This is particularly the case when the next flight the next day takes place because the airlines would have more time to reschedule and use of other replacement aircraft in this case.

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