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You can claim upto $700 / passenger for flight delays. Check the amount airlines owes for you.
E.g., 11.12.2018

Triggering an evacuation slide


If an airline passenger triggers the emergency slide during the ground time (without prompting the flight personnel), you speak loudly AG Rüsselsheim (ruling of 11.07.2011 -.. 3 C 497 / 12-36) and AG Hamburg (ruling of 18.09.2013-.. 22a C 214/12) from an "exceptional circumstance" (aA AG Rüsselsheim, ruling of 20.07.2010 -.. 3 C 1316 / 09-32, RRa 2010, 290). However, the air carrier must prove that it has implemented all possible measures to ensure it does not happen.
However, if a crew member during the opening of the aircraft door trigger the emergency slide, the case is no longer considered "exceptional circumstance".

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